How to Download Gmail Application for your iOS Devices (iPhone/iPad)

Google is one of the largest companies in the world and with a number of resources that it can contribute to the world is pretty amazing to see. Google has offered people with tons of services over its entire lifetime as a multi-million dollar company and this is the reason which makes it popular among the people of all strata. With the rise of smartphones all over the world, it is no wonder that Google has taken the liberty to try and reign over that as well.

With Android being a dominant contender in the smartphone biz Google has had a pretty decent hold on the market. All this makes Google's role cemented as a giant in the tech scene. One of the many reasons why Google will always have a huge role in everyone’s lives is because of the insane amount of users in their mailing client of Gmail. With Gmail having a huge role in the emails people can simply get their hands on some of the greatest means of communications for themselves for absolutely free.

Today we are going to be having a look at ways through which you can simply download the Gmail app for your iOS device for absolutely no costs at all. The entirety of Gmail's services &  Hotmail Posteingang are free to be used by anyone and the app can be downloaded for free using the app store. Today we are going to be talking about the app and how it is going to be of great help for all the users.

Gmail App for iOS - Features

The features of the Gmail app are quite a lot and some of them are going to be of interest to most of us out here. The most popular features that are commended by the users are as follows -
  1. Safe and secure servers provide people with ease of sending emails to communicate with people. 
  2. Storage options for sending large files through google drive is a great option. 
  3. 15GB of free space for just your incoming email attachments. 
  4. If you run out of storage you can simply make another Gmail account for free. 
  5. Seamless sync of emails from one device to other email companies like just because of the internet. 
  6. Quick edits are made possible for your attachments. 
  7. Linking to Google's very own version of office to Gmail to make processing words and spreadsheets along with presentations pretty simple. 

Download Gmail App for iPhone

If you’re looking forward to downloading the app on your iOS devices then you’ve come to the right place. There are no second thoughts now on why you’d need to have the Gmail app. Even though iOS offers integration of emails from Gmail through its very own emails app but it still lacks behind in terms of the offered features. Here are the necessary steps to get your hands on the Gmail app for iOS 

You might be thinking to yourself- "Wait a minute! I can use the Gmail mobile website on my iPhone." And yes, that's true; you absolutely can still access your email through Safari or another browser if you want. You just won't get some of the features that make Gmail mobile so great, like push notifications, offline support, and translations.
  1. Open up the app store and then search for Gmail Sign in or
  2. Download and install the app on your iOS device. 
  3. Now simply open the downloaded app and log in with your credentials.
The good news is that we've been experimenting with making the mobile web interface a lot faster - it might already be as fast or even faster than a native app. Check out these results from our lab

-Web Interface vs Native App: Which is Faster? by Google Developers on YouTube

- Load Gmail in Safari (iPhone, iOS): 11.01 seconds

- Load Gmail in Chrome on iPhone: 39.62 seconds

It's still not quite as fast for a lot of people and we're continuing to work at it - but we're getting there!

Gmail works so smoothly on iOS Devices